I offer computerized edge-to-edge longarm quilting services with hundreds of designs to choose from. See them on my Pinterest Board HERE.

The back of your quilt must be 8″ longer and wider than the top to load it properly on my machine (4″ all around). Batting needs to be a similar size.

Price is calculated per square inch.

Example: A quilt that measures 50″x75″: 50 x 75 x .0225 = $84.38.

If you choose one of my original pantographs for your quilt, you will get a discount of .0025 per square inch. Price goes up for dense or very dense designs.

I have batting available to purchase or you my bring your own.

Winline 80/20 blend 96″ wide at $9.00/yard or 120″ wide at $11.00/yard.

Winline Bamboo 96″ wide at $13.00/yard or 120″ wide at $17.00/yard.

Winline polyester available on request.

Fill out and attach THIS FORM to your quilt and contact me to schedule your quilting today!