I’ve been designing digital pantographs for just over a year now and I am up to 143 listings, a few of which are available as bundles at reduced prices per design. So many to choose from! If you’re a computerized longarm quilter you’re sure to find something you’ll love in my Etsy Shop. The best part is that 8 of these 10 don’t have any backtracking! Videos can be seen in all of the listings for these designs. My goal is for most of my designs to be easy to line up and stitch out, and these fit the bill!

Barcelona was directly inspired by photos from my friend Gigi who traveled to Barcelona in the fall. What a beautiful city! Use a 50% offset and negative row spacing. This one has a medium amount of backtracking.

Chain Mail is based off of the classic Ribbon Candy free motion design but the magic happens with the overlap! It’s super fast to stitch-out, too! This pantograph would be a great choice for many quilts, and would be excellent for anything you want to get done really quickly. Size it up to make it even faster!

Sometimes easy does it! Double Chevron is effortlessly simple and available as an extended-width design or standard. Some kinds of longarm systems don’t like extended width designs, so it’s a good idea to check with your dealer if you’re not sure. The good news is that both options are included in this listing and you get to choose either one or even change your mind depending on the situation. If using the standard, set it up with a 50% offset and 50% negative row spacing. Or set it up with no offset for a regular simple chevron!

Double Chevron Negative takes the negative space from Double Chevron and fills it up! Use a 50% offset and negative row spacing to set it up. This one has such a modern look!

Double Dutch Negative is a fun twist on my Double Dutch design. This one uses a 50% offset and negative row spacing too.

Perfect for Valentine’s Day or to use on any quilt for someone you love, Heart Strings is as sweet as it gets. Use negative row spacing for this look. This digital pantograph stitches out nice and fast! What’s not to love?

It’s CORN! started as a joke but I love it and it makes me grin from ear to ear every time I see it. (See what I did there?) Just needs a slight negative spacing. My sister suggested quilting this one out on yellow minky to make an amazing blanket of sunshine and corn. Doesn’t that sound fun? Then you could wrap yourself in it and be a big lump with knobs.

Partial Eclipse requires no special set-up to be ready to go, but playing with the spacing changes the look! Great for all sorts of modern quilts!

Quandary is one of my new favorite digital pantographs. It has just a little bit of backtracking and looks amazing stitched out! I used it on a quilt for my friend Ashelyn and you can see it here.

String of Snowflakes is frosty in the best way! Sure to help keep your loved ones warm in the chilliest months. Snowflakes are my favorite thing about winter. I don’t love being cold but I love the individual beauty of each one! 

Barcelona Digital Pantograph Chain Mail Digital Pantograph Double Chevron Digital Pantograph Double Chevron Negative Digital Pantograph

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  1. I saw on your Instagram DnD dice pantograph. I have been searching for this for a quilt I am making for my son. Is it available for digital download purchase in QLI format?

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